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This weekend we had Eddie Sherlock in studio working on new material.   Eddie has worked in loop in the past rehearsing and recording with The Rattling Kind.  This time around he’s pushing his songwriter skills to the forefront of the mix

Songwriter for The Rattling Kind records new material…

Working with Eddie in the recording studio is always a blast.  great music and great craic into the wee hours of the morning.  This time around we’re working on 5 tracks that Eddies putting the finishing touches to.

Over the weekend we worked on the BV’s for the tracks and looked at some orchestration for one of the tunes.  Also finalised the mixes for four of Eddies songs so we’re nearly at the mastering stage.  The tracks been worked on down in Loop Studios are – “The Street”, “You never know your luck”, “The dream”, “In the name of Father” and “home”…all powerful tunes

You can find demos of some of the tunes that eddie recorded at home on his breaking tunes page .  We’ll post links to the studio versions once they’re live but in the meantime here’s a track from Eddies old band The Rattling Kind that was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Gareth Desmond down here in Loop Studios



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