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At Loop we have a wealth of industry having spent years working with music professionals.  We have the knowledge to help you from rehearsal to recording to release and gigging. 

We know our stuff, but don’t take our word for it, ask anyone we’ve worked with! We’ll stand by our reputation.  With a large client list spanning over 15 years we’ve worked with countless domestic and international talent.  Take a look at the list below to see a small snippet of musicians who’ve used out facilities.

Music professionals who’ve used Loop Studios

Client List

The Frames
Boz Skaggs
Albert Hammond, Jr.
The Mighty Stef
Paddy Casey
Thin Lizzy
Laura Izobor
Nina Hynes
Jerry Fish
Hare Squaed
Paddy Casey
Gemma Hayes
Iarla O’Lionaird
Cathy Davy
The Jimmycake
The Handsome Bastards
Juliet Turner
New Secret Weapon
The Radiators
Jack L
Duncan Patterson
Cold Comfort
Stephen Murphy & Archaic Revival
G Frequency
The Warlords of Pez

In terms of recording we love being of assistance in the following areas

Creative Producers

Liasing with clients to realise their creative vision whether that is advising band members on part arrangements, critical listening of melodic lines and lyrics, hiring suitable session musicians, arranging orchestral sequences or simply making the client feel comfortable in their surroundings to maximise their creative output. Advising clients on the best recording techniques for the genre they are working in.

Project Management

Liasing with labels, management and artists to insure that their project whether it be a single, E.P. or album comes in on time and in or under budget by time-tabling appropriate sessions with the required personel to maximise the creative time being used in the recording studio. This entails organising and scheduling writing sessions, rehearsal sessions, recording setup, actual recording time, mixing and mastering. Technically insuring that productions are commercially release ready upon completion.


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