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After 18 years in the basement of Space 28 North Lotts, Dublin 1 Loop Studios will be moving on.  As many of you are already aware as of 31st of December 2017 Loop studios will be closing the doors on it’s current premises and moving to a new location.

The exact date of opening and location of Loops new facility I cannot reveal just yet.  However I can say that it’s going to be something special when completed sometime in 2018. I’ll make sure to let everyone know via a large marketing campaign closer to the time.

In the meantime Loops equipment/backline hire service will still be running as will Loops mixing and mastering services.  So if you require any of those services you can still contact us via email and we’ll sort it out for you.

It’s a happy and sad time leaving Loops home for 18 years as it holds so many memories… like building the facility with Loops founding directors Terry, Timmy, and Enda to sharing the space with pro audio repairs and Ghost Accuser legend Joey McGowan.  I also worked on CPU.ie from here with Eddie Sheridan and David Henry (who remembers that crazy time?!?).  All these incredible people have helped shape me as a person and informed my outlook on the world through the amazing thought provoking conversations we’ve had about all manner of subjects over the years.

I’ve recorded, mixed and mastered hundreds of bands, musicians and songwriters in Loop Studios and have produced and worked with some incredibly talented people like Charlie Ross, Keith Grace, Alan Marshall, Johny Quinn, Dan Jordan and Terry McGuinness. We’ve had thousands of musicians coming through Loop to rehearse, it is staggering how many musicians there are in this city and being at the coal face of this industry truly gives a unique perspective of the talent these streets of Dublin produce.

I’ve been lucky to be able to use Loops facilities quite extensively myself recording and rehearsing with the bands I’ve been in over the years, namely The Subtonics, Analogue Mindfield, The Bloody Quills and The Hanging Prophets for whom Terry and myself organized festival appearances, regular gigs in Dublin and  tours around Ireland, the UK and Europe.

Many late night sessions have been had in Loop (in true rock and roll fashion!) partying with Primal Scream, Andy Rourke from The Smiths and Mani from The Stone Roses on several occasions to even having my wedding after party here…it’s been hard to drag myself away from the place at times!  I have so many great memories it would be impossible to recount them all. I’ve met hundreds of fantastic, creative, intelligent and funny people over the years here that I truly feel blessed, thanks to you all!

There also have been some tough times though. Like weathering the financial collapse with my friend and colleague Terry Beagan to his untimely passing  in 2014.  As I enter this new chapter of Loop Studios existence I cannot help but reflect on how much fun and enthusiasm Terry would be bringing to this event and I miss him all the more for that.

So to all Loops clients over the years, thanks for all your support and custom, we’ve really enjoyed serving you it’s been an absolute pleasure, you are all stars!

A very special thank you to Loops regular clients over the past 18 years.  You have been the backbone of our business and without you we could never have come this far.  There are way too many of you to name here but you know who you are as we’ve chatted lots, shared stories and jokes over the years and you have totally made this business an awesome experience to run.  Thank you all so very much. You’re more then customers, you are friends. I can’t wait to meet you all again and continue where we are leaving off, giving your creative process a new home in a brand new facility.

For those who might want to say one last goodbye to the old Loop we’re still open for business up until the 30th Dec.  I’ll actually be here all over Christmas preparing for the move so for one time only we actually will be open 365 days of the year!…will anybody actually do a Christmas day rehearsal? (well believe it or not some dedicated musicians have actually asked before!).  Would be great to see Loops final December in this building being the busiest on record as it’s normally the quietest month of the year…sorry had to get one final business plug in for the old ship.

So if I don’t see you before the 30th of December…I’ll see you in the future my friends.  I’m looking forward to the next 18 years and continuing to be part of the rich fabric of the amazing music scene here in Dublin.

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