Jooce and Rabble Babble

Just a quick message to all Loopers out there to check out two bands we’ve had through the studio recently.  Both originating from BIMM college ‘Jooce’ and ‘Rabble Babble’ both chose Loop Studios to record, mix and master their latest singles and we’re delighted with the results.  Click ‘read more’ to have a wee listen and support great irish talent.

Jooce and Rabble Babble

First of all we’ve got ‘Jooce’ and their track ‘Nostalgia Trip’ available on Spotify and iTunes

Below is a video for the track…well a still image with the music attached but the music is strong enough to hold your attention so I recomend that you give it a spin!

Next up is ‘Rabble Babble’ .  Stating two of their musical influences as – The Rolling Stones & The Velvet Underground…this band does not disappoint in that regard.  Rabble Babble will be launching their single ‘Joes Bust’ this Friday 9th of June in Anseo on Camden Street.  They’re actually busy in the studio rehearsing for the gig and from what I hear coming out of the room I reckon it’s going to be class a class performance

In addition here’s a link where you can listen and buy the track on Bandcamp

Most of all it was a great pleasure to work on making both these records with the bands involved.  All class musicians and the sessions were fun and relaxed with the end result being some great creative output.  We hope to have both bands back into the studio to work on more material in the future.

In the meantime if you are in a band and like the sound of the production, mixing and mastering on these tracks please do get in contact with us here if you are looking to record and we will make sure that your project comes in on time and within budget.


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