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Terry Beagan director of Loop Studios passes away

My business partner Terry Beagan Jnr tragically passed away in a car accident on the 1st of January 2014.  To his family and the family and friends of Gearoid O Scolai the other man tragically killed in the accident we extend our sincerest condolences at this incredibly difficult time.

On a personal note I would like to pay tribute to Terry.  I’ve known Terry for 15 years now and during that time he was my friend and right hand man.  We built the business we worked in together often labouring until the early hours of the morning and on occasion even into the next day without sleep.  We had a great working relationship so much so that we were best mates as opposed to business partners in many respects.  Terry had a huge passion for music and this was reflected in his abilty to always go that extra mile for the music and musicians he loved, never looking for thanks, praise and god knows on many occasion working for little or no money.

Over the years I worked with Terry he showed himself to be a man of incredible character. I could trust him with anything and if ever I needed any help or advice Terry was always there for me with intelligent and calm council.  In our years together in business we have seen good times and bad times but Terry was the man that was there with me through thick and thin always looking to the future optomistically.  Without his passion and drive to improve the business I don’t think Loop Studios would be here today.

Terry was a music manager of bands I’ve worked with or played in over the years and I was lucky to have shared some great times with the man.  We drove the length and breath of the country together (and a few other countries too!) bringing the music we loved to anyone who’d listen, sometimes that might only be two people but for Terry it was always worth it.  Working in this game can often be demoralising but no matter the mishap or hurdle put in our way Terry would be there sorting it out with a smile.  I’ll miss loading up gear with him in the van, pressing play on the CD player and hitting the road with him to the next gig…but hey he’s at the great gig in the sky now (get the backstage passes sorted for us mate we’ll see you when we get there 😉

When we weren’t working we were talking about everything under the sun, you wouldn’t believe the subjects we talked about (half of them we found incredulous too!). Terry was a socialy concious man, interested in everything from politics, to economy, to science, to spiritualism, to law, to magick all the way to every other conspiracy theory we could find.  I’ll really miss all the long hours we had talking together (even if sometimes I couldn’t get a word in edgeways!) and although we make a lot of noise being a rehearsal and recording studio, things seem very silent here now that he’s gone.

I am sitting here in the office of Loop just the way Terry left it before new years, desk neat and tidy (well in a loop way that is!) typing this and missing his presence.  There is a huge hole in my life and the lives of the other people who knew and loved Terry but I’m finding solace and encouragement from remembering my years with him and his infectious drive to keep moving things forward no matter how dire the circumstance.  Both Terry and myself have met thousands of musicians whilst working together in Loop Studios and if Terry was not in the office they’ve always asked after him, such was the respect he had with our clients here.  As the musicians come and go I know I’ll be talking about him with fond memories for years to come.

Terry managed the Loop Facebook page and was constantly online posting interesting internet memes and musical jokes that hopefully brought many of you a laugh or were thought provoking for you.  There won’t be a presence there for a while as I don’t have the passwords or access to the account and if I can’t get them I’ll have to set up a new one but when I do I’ll try to do it justice in a Terry kind of way…totally 😉  The last words he posted on the page were

Happy New Year from the crew at loop studios 🙂
Have a Rockin New year

It won’t be the same without you Terry my man but I fully intend to try and hope that everyone reading this here does aswell.

Goodbye my dear friend

your mate


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