Artists in Loop this week

Lots going on at Loop Studios this week with some fantastic artists in recording…

Ghost Accuser, The Hanging Prophets and Analogue Mindfield working on albums and Loud Motive and LA Gear working on 2 E.P.s

So first up…Ghost Accuser…Laying down final guitar parts of what is shaping up to be a killer stoner rock epic.  Joey McGowan ex Whipping Boy and Cold Comfort bass player is fronting this show.  We’re hoping one track will have the most guitar riffs ever recorded in a song! Until then here’s an oldie from Joeys old band Cold Comfort also recorded down here in Loop.

The Hanging Prophets are a lyrically original shot in the arm for a jaded world…full of new world order quips and shenanigans this music will make you think.  Hot on the heals of finishing their first album here in Loop (to be released on vinyl next year) they’re back in the studio working on the rythm end of things for album 2, all drum tracks are down and bass is on the go…sonically this is shaping up to be Primal Scream meets PIL…Until the releases here’s a track of theirs recorded in Loop in response to the introduction of water charges

Analogue Mindfield are back at home after a five year break working on individual projects.  Album 4 is shaping up with 7 tracks at the mix stage.  The record should be a sonically satisfying follow up to Visions in Sonic Sense their third album which was released on the legendary Malicious Damage record label.  As usual with Analogue Mindfield you can expect some interesting collaborations having worked with Asian Dub foundations Dr Das, The Who’s John ‘Rabbit’ Bundrick and Dreadzones Tim Bran in the past. here’s one off the last album Soul Crew…

Loud Motive the fresh face of hip hop on the dublin scene.  Loud Motives frontman has already been making waves with hotpress touting him as one of their “one to watch for 2015” and has already performed the 02 in support to Lil Wayne.  The new band are top class musicians with a style larger then life…think Sly and the Family Stone meets prince and the revolution fronted by Jeru the Damaja and mixed by Andrew Weatherhall.  The lads are working on two E.P.’s which will be launched early next year…expect to hear this band A LOT next year.  In the meantime here’s an oldie from Marvell as a youngster

Last but not least we have LA Gear.  With vocals reminiscent of Melanie and Stevie Nicks LA Gear has penned some classic tunes with Liam Noonan (who recorded his debut album here in Loop last year).  The pair are working on a 5 track E.P. at the moment and are laying down final vocals in what sounds like it has “radio play” written all over it …but in a good way.  Here’s an acoustic demo of one of the tracks off the E.P.

…we’ll keep you posted about all these projects and others that are in development as they happen

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